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Some film noirs on your list. A lot of Asian and Japanese cinema on your list. I see one by Mizoguchi. Mizoguchi is superb, have you seen O-Haru or Ugetsu Monogatari? Three brilliant John Ford films on your list. Have you seen Young Mr. Three Dreyers - have you seen more? All Dreyers are wonderful. The Day of Wrath? No Bresson? Robert Bresson is more or less my favourite director of all time. Some spiritual family resemblence to Dreyer and Tarkovsky, whom you already like.

Not everyone will like Bresson, though. You have some Italian neorealism, so expand on that. Of course that too is not for everyone, but it might well be for someone with as broad tastes as you. One more coming. Try Douglas Sirk. Deceptively simple films, on the surface they seem like "weepies" Sirk was a specialist of classic Greek tragedy and it shows. OK, one more as a bonus. Have you seen Frank Borzage's Seventh Heaven?

A gem of a silent film. AfterHours , Chronochromie , Marc liked this post. First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. AfterHours liked this post. Originally Posted by Pugg. Originally Posted by Xaltotun.

Musibat ke din meri dua

An impressive, fascinating list. Lots of great choices. Inland Empire lost me. Do I dare devote another three hours to it? Last edited by amfortas; May at Great list! I love pretty all his films, but my favorite is probably Hable con ella Talk to Her about a woman in a coma and a man who falls in love with her. The film explores the nature of consciousness, and it draws attention to the fine line between awareness and unconsciousness - and how these various states of awareness play into the experience of romantic attraction. Profound and yet funny in a surrealist way.

AfterHours , Pugg liked this post. I have no suggestions; I'm just happy Wild Strawberries made the cut and am glad Fritz Lang is well represented. Originally Posted by amfortas. Rabbit-Proof Fence. Capturing the Friedmans. The Man Without a Past. Michael Clayton. Infernal Affairs.

Album : Prem Anand Shanti

The Man Who Wasn't There. Kill Bill: Volume 1. The Motorcycle Diaries. You Can Count on Me. Eastern Promises. The Gleaners and I. Nowhere in Africa. Touching the Void. Road to Perdition. The Quiet American. Children of Men. The Incredibles. Bowling for Columbine.

Songs from the Second Floor. The Kite Runner. The Magdalene Sisters. The Constant Gardener. Minority Report. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The Last Samurai. Synecdoche, New York.

2046 (2004) - trailer

Spring Summer Fall Winter Maria Full of Grace. The Bourne Ultimatum. A Time for Drunken Horses.

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My Architect: A Son's Journey. The Story of Anvil. The Squid and the Whale. Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room. The Royal Tenenbaums. The Band's Visit. A Very Long Engagement. Dogtown and Z-Boys. Little Children. House of Sand and Fog.

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    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. To Be and To Have.

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    Born Into Brothels. American Gangster. The Counterfeiters. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Lars and the Real Girl. The Darjeeling Limited. Everlasting Moments. Bend It Like Beckham. Capitalism: A Love Story.

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    The Day I Became a Woman. Fantastic Mr. Superman Returns. Before Night Falls. Shut Up and Sing. Winged Migration. Sophie Scholl - The Final Days.

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