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Editorial Reviews. From the Inside Flap. This wonderful collection brings together snapshots through time of Texas's vivid history. T. Lindsay Baker's charismatic.
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There are snakeskin boots, ostrich boots, vegan boots, boots with spurs, boots with floral designs, plain brown boots, red boots, black boots, Mexican pointy-toe boots, dress boots and so much more.

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But all boots have one thing in common: they all have stories behind them. The U. Connie Robinson had given up on love at the age of 49, until she met a man who had one month to live.

Steve, Houston, Texas, 2008

Kat Kronenberg deeply believes in the the power of a smile — so much so that there are smiles on her boots. Lee Miller now runs Texas Traditions, but started as an apprentice for hot-tempered Dunn, who made boots for famous musicians and celebrities.

The boom-and-bust cycles of the oil industry have taken their toll on local boot-makers, but Rios Mercedes keeps finding new ways to survive. At that time in Alvin, he really kind of had it together. For three years, my parents lived like rappers.

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The company actually drilled some pretty good wells. But for every dollar they earned, Grady would turn around and spend 50, a lot of it on cocaine.

"My Encounter With a Serial Killer" [Viewer Submitted Story]

We ended up fleeing with our tail between our legs to San Antonio, where my dad had to get another job and basically reinvent himself. I thought of writing it as a novel at one time.

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I was trying to figure out what I was going to do next. My grandmother died in , and it was a really moving experience for me. I flew down to Big Spring and we all gathered around her bed. She was a wonderful gospel singer, had grown up singing in the church.

My Breakthrough Experience: Marissa Peña

One of her last requests when we were all around her in the hospice was for us all to sing. And we did. I wanted to find the source of what I felt in the room, call it the Holy Ghost or whatever. It was a power. Early in my research I was really hitting a wall. My advisor would check in with me every week, reminding me that I had tackled challenging classes before.

That constant support helped me push forward and not give up. In , I graduated from high school and enrolled at Austin Community College. I studied there for 2 years and loved it.

Then I was excited to transfer to a large 4-year university. Although it was not the traditional college route, Breakthrough completely supported my decision. Unfortunately, my first semester at this new school was another struggle for me. I had classes with more than students. I felt like I was just a number.

13 Stories of Life on a Teacher's Salary | Time

I was lost in the sea of students, and almost all looked more affluent and certainly more confident than me. That old feeling of self-doubt and of not belonging returned with a vengeance. I reached out to my Breakthrough advisor Daniel and he dropped everything and rushed to meet me on campus. Once again, I knew that Breakthrough would do anything in its power to help me succeed. After many conversations with Daniel, I ended up transferring to St.