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Through the Eyes of Children is a nonprofit organization that teaches photography to vulnerable children and helps them to share their perspective within their.
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The involvement of social media and NGOs has increased the reach of this auspicious cause to more than a million families looking for kids to take their family name forward.

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Through The Eyes of the Child Initiative | A Site Dedicated to Protecting Children

Parents shaping the future of these underprivileged children would contribute greatly to the development of the nation. Whatever be the past, the children should be accepted for who they are and try to give them the best future possible. Once adopted, they are your responsibility.


Therefore, become a part of the National Adoption Day and shower your blessings and love to the ones in need and those who would always be thankful for the kindness you showed. Leave no child to be referred as an orphan. Give every child a family and a life full of happiness, care, and love. National Adoption Day. Through the Eyes of the Child. Child Care and Well Being.

Through the Eyes of a Child

Help Us Help the Children. About Us. We are an organization that fights for the rights of children. We help facilitate child welfare, mitigate child abuse, encourage national adoption and fund childcare centers throughout the state of Nebraska.

Eyes Of A Child (Poverty Documentary) - Real Stories

Help Us Save the Children. Center Based Care. Any efficient system has under spread strong branches that make sure that the concern flourishes.

In the same manner, an efficient child welfare system has several components that help it become one. Nebraska has this growing and sprouting concern for a child protective services, and it is the nearest to being ideal for that would make certain the safety and well-being of children.

We are spreading awareness, which has the potential to make a noticeable difference in the condition of children in the society. Services for children safety need to be tailored in a manner that cases are judged on their individual facts and decisions are made accordingly from their prospective and best interests. Parents are shown quarrelling, while whole woods are being cleared, military tanks are shooting, and icebergs are defrosting due to global warming.

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